• Security
  • Access Control
  • Surveillance
  • Escape of gas and flooding
  • Detention system
  • Fire Alarm
  • Safety



Lights Automation

  • Switching on, turning off control systems and adjusting of luminous intensity
  • Shutter
  • Scene lights management
  • Efficinecy in power consumption




Comfort and Efficiency

  • Heating and cooling control systems
  • Air-conditioning management
  • Efficiency in energy consumption





            • HiFi, Home Theatre and multimedia control
            • Multisource and Multiroom audio systems
            • Advanced entertainment systems




  • Touchscreen and console
  • Telephone, mobile, smartphone
  • PC touchscreen, computernet via internet



Thursday, 09 February 2012
  A fashionable place The comfort is key to the guests on board and need to create an environment that will make you feel at home. You will have the opportunity to surf the internet, watch a movie or choose to listen to your favorite music while comfortably sitting on the sofa. You can also adjust lights, temperature, humidity, and with the distributor of perfume you can also choose the... Read More...
Small Business
Thursday, 09 February 2012
Automation systems The best way to control your business, even when it is closed, is to install automation systems. Using iPad, iPhone and Android, as well as telephone and internet, the contractor can check the inside of his company even while he is at home or on holiday! Sophisticated burglar alarm systems and video surveillance can be installed and in case of alarm it will inform the... Read More...
Wellness Centre
Thursday, 09 February 2012
  Firstly comfort Wellness centres aim at bringing health benefits and Domotica Integrata can help to hit this target. Domotic automation will let you easily control the temperature of each room, to ensure a first-rate comfort and well-being. The lighting and audio management will make the treatment more relaxing and pleasant. Everything could be controlled on a touch screen, so that every... Read More...
Monday, 19 July 2010
Anziani e diversamente abili ICT (Information & Communication Tecnology) will make the elderly living more easy and comfortable and also it gives assistance to differently abled people with their daily activities. More assistance Domotica Integrata's products will make your home that "thinks of itself" and it reports automatically to the assistance centre or to the relatives, if something has... Read More...
Prestigious Showroom
Monday, 19 July 2010
Prestigious Showroom Show-room e prestigious shops can boost their appearance through automation. In addiction to the integrated lighting, HVAC and security managemen with the possibility of remote control through the Internet, will reduce the operating costs and obtain significant benefits. Domotica Integrata offers several solutions to make your shop a safe place: thanks to security systems you... Read More...